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In-Person Training

Healthcare Recruiter Training

Working from home and owning your own business has become commonplaces and even preferred for the future. Working with professionals is always preferred. Healthcare is a top 5 professional industry and will continue to be so for many years to come. Healthcare recruiting is only a 25 year old healthcare industry and is growing rapidly. The potential for a six figure income is excellent after one year of training and hard work. It is also very possible to earn up to $30K to $40K in the first year. Come and learn how to become a professional healthcare Recruiter!

The training is for sales; management and recruiting oriented individuals who wish to establish a home based or small office Company.

This Training Includes:

  • Developing Healthcare clients
  • Strategies to securing client contracts
  • Understanding client needs and developing quality search strategies
  • Interviewing and assessing candidates in-person and telephonically
  • Evaluating healthcare candidates for the “right” match
  • Conducting Reference Checks and ensuring candidates meet client standards
  • Meeting and exceeding client requirements with quality candidates
  • Develop leads and marketing candidates for new and existing clients
  • Managing the applicant process
  • Client management – build & maintain strong client relationships
  • Follow up on candidate presentation and interviews
  • Closing the deal
  • Creating continuous positive experiences for our clients and candidates.

Most Important Competencies:

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to effectively interact with all levels of an organization
  • High degree of follow-through and superb communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Good computer skills including internet.

What you can expect in the first six months:

  • Telephonic training from any location in the US Training or at EA corporate office in Round Rock, TX
  • Ongoing training and mentoring for one year with Bob Eskridge
  • Set up your own office and start developing clients and candidates

After six months:

  • A pipeline is building and your skills are growing
  • Continued training with Bob Eskridge
  • The placements begin to occur
  • Perhaps two to three placements in first year.

After one year:

  • Fully trained capable of placing 6 to 10 physicians every 12 months earning approximately $80,000 to $100,000 (no guarantees)
  • A strong growing relationship with fellow Recruiters
  • Excellent potential of long term success in healthcare recruiting.

This opportunity requires the following to be successful:

  • 4 to 6 months of personal income to sustain you while the business is established
  • Two hours of training three days per week for three weeks telephonically or corporate offices in Texas
  • The capacity to understand that months of work will be accomplished before a placement is made.

The Investment:  We offer three programs

For the newcomer to recruiting your investment is $4,000 payable in four allotments. $1000 prior to your start date and $1000 after each of the three weeks of training done telephonically from any location in the US or at EA corporate offices in Round Rock, TX. Additionally six $500 future payments (a total of $3000) to EA are due with the completion of and with each of your first six placements.

For the experienced recruiter the program has a one-time fee of $2000 for 8 to 10 hours of training telephonically from any location in the US or EA corporate office in Round Rock, TX. Additionally six $500 future payments (a total of $3000) to EA are due with the completion and with each of your first six placements.

For those that wish to work part time any time of the day or night a fee of $500 prior to start date. Additionally four $500 future payments (a total of $2000) to EA are due with the completion of and with each of your first four placements. You will learn how to source, profile and interview physicians and be given the knowledge and tools necessary to be a candidate interviewer. This will allow you to make anywhere from $7,500 to $12,000 per placement. This is a good way to enter the business and keep your job while you learn.


The Deliverable:

In two or three weeks you will be a well trained healthcare recruiter prepared to work for a company or immediately open your own agency. This is not an offer to work for EA. Bob Eskridge will also be available to assist you and answer questions by email or telephone for one year at no charge. You will have all the necessary tools and resources needed to be capable of making placements in the first year and the potential of reaching a six figure income in your second year of healthcare recruiting.

Online Training - In Development

Class Description

For firms specializing in physician recruiting, this clear, concise, up-to-date electronic training course is a must. Strategically spread out over 80 days, the engaging training was designed for use with your new hires and your experienced staff, serving as a catalyst for increased productivity and increased profits for both in this specific niche.

In the Physician Recruiter Trainer, Bob Eskridge to delivers a consistent, highly targeted training that taps into his years of experience and success to bring to you important information on both the Marketing and Recruiting side of the Placement Process, effectively pulling back the curtain and unveiling the ins and outs of both.

Additionally, weekly lessons will address the latest legal, sakes and technology issues, and includes detailed weekly manager’s notes for each lesson, complete with outlines of what’s being taught and further supported by the ability for managers to track student’s progress – making it an invaluable tool for all physician recruiting teams.