So You Always Wanted to Be A Physician Recruiter: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Physician Recruiting

Bob Eskridge, CPC, CTS, PRC, CERS, CSP

About the Book

So You Always Wanted to be a Physician Recruiter describes the world of physician recruiting – a potentially lucrative field in which recruiters have the opportunity to help others better their lives through meaningful employment. Designed for both new recruiters and experienced professionals, the book guides recruiters through all aspects of a physician recruiter’s business, from identifying leads to following up after placement, while helping new recruiters to develop positive work habits and an optimistic, productive attitude.

The book provides recruiters with a step-by-step guide. It covers a range of topics, from setting up systems to managing information, to performing searches, managing job orders, and facilitating the interview process. Bob Eskridge, a seasoned recruiting professional, provides real-world examples, tips, and advice to avoid common recruiting pitfalls. The book not only describes situations and provides solutions, but it also offers actual scripts and letters for recruiters to use in their own presentations.

Throughout the book is a message of positive reinforcement and a focus on ethical treatment of both candidates and hiring managers. One chapter is devoted to the ethics of the industry, and Eskridge provides many ideas for upholding integrity in the recruiting industry. By taking a respectful approach to the profession, Physician Recruiting is a valuable tool for experienced and novice recruiters. 

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